Specialised Roof Paint can reduce your cooling costs

Dulux Cool Paint - reduces heat and makes your home cooler

Dulux Cool Roof Commercial White can have great benefits to your home and family in summer. A specialised paint, Dulux Cool Roof has the following benefits:

1. Reflects Radiation, Lessens Heat

Weathered Galv/Zincalume and Dark Coloured roofs often absorb large amounts of solar radiation which can in-turn transmit heat into occupancy zones. Cool Roofs reflect light energy in the first instance – before heat is absorbed, meaning insulation and cooling efficiencies are maximized.

2. Can Help Reduce Cooling Costs

Less Heat penetration can lower cooling energy demand. Comparative Studies identify significant cooling energy savings are possible using Cool Roof Technology.

3. Can Improve Occupancy Comfort

In non-air conditioned facilities such as workshops and warehousing, cool roofs can translate to cooler working and warehousing facilities.

 4. Can Lower Carbon Footprint in warm climates

By lowering cooling energy demand, Cool Roofs have been identified as part of an effective mitigation strategy, to reduce global carbon emmissions.

Timeframe Group are certified Dulux painters and we know we can help our customers this summer to cool their homes and reduce their energy bills by using this specialised paint product.


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